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noisey steering at low revs

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Hi all

I'm getting noisey steering at low revs when I'm turning. A kind of grinding noise. I still have the little twitch in the steering wheel that is supposed to be a loose belt i think. Has it gotten worse and started making a noise? Could it be the power steering pump?

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Think I'd be tempted to jack up the front end, and put it on stands.. then turn the wheel a few times and check all the joints etc.. do this with the engine off.

The start the engine and do the same, listen for any weird noises etc.

Drop the car back down, and try with the engine off and on..

It may well be the pump.. the thrust bearing is more of a quiet clicking noise..

if the steering is jumping and making a sort of whining noise check the level on the p/s fluid 1st.
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thx guys.

Filled the power steering bottle up. No more noise. Getting the belt tightened.

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