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noob to these, looking for general info

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Dislcaimer: I do NOT own an MX6. I just figured that there's probably no better place to learn about them than a forum dedicated to them.

I have an oppurtunity to purchase a 1993 V6 5speed MX6 for $1000. Needs an alternator, is clean and complete otherwise.

I don't know anything about these cars other than that they look cool.

Might be the wrong thing to post on this forum, but i'd be using this as a daily driver for this winter/spring as i tear down and build my 92 Celica. (Don't hate me)

So, what's the problems to watch for with these cars? Are they reliable? (i would imagine so, that 2.5 V6 is rather common) If i do get a hair up my butt and decide to modify it for the occasional autocross/tail of the dragon run, do they respond well to bolt ons? What's the handling characteristics? I am not interested in swapping the motor out for the KLZE at any point, unless the KLDE happens to explode.

So please help me out, and maybe i'll be able to report back with a new car. :)

Thanks in advance. :angel:
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Welcome to the board!

This is for the Ford Probe, but the Probe is mechanically identical to the MX6: The What should I look for thread - Forums

That thread was pretty much what i was looking for. :)

Now... the handling part. Do they understeer badly like most FWD cars? Fairly neutral? Are suspension upgrades readily available and don't rape your wallet?

And another question that may seem weird for a daily... (don't laugh)

How well do these deal with nitrous? Has a safe threshold in terms of what size jets can be used on a stock motor been established?
im going to say they are one of the best fwd handling cars. you can get Coilovers that dont cost as much as tien super streets ($2100.00) I think you can get some around $1200.
You can just get the white adjustable TK's with EB springs for 400-500 and it changes the car night and day. The rest of the suspension upgrades are a good price. Like new motor mounts, 1998 626 rear sway bar.
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