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I was wondering when forums like this wil start. Hell, I'll help moderating this forum.

This is a great chance for people in our own time zone to set up Chat room times and perhaps small meets in our local area. It's always good to know someone near by you that shares the same enthusiasm in our cars. We could do local install meets or maintenance meets that I'm sure will make those rough times when you don't know how to take that bolt off or how to remove that rear O2 sensor a lot easier.

First I think we should all aree on a Chat Room day and time that way all of us in the same time zone can go in and just chat away about any problems, questions and suggestions for other fellow MX6'ers.

Then, since we are all in the same regional area, I'm sure not more than 2 hours from one another, we should set up some meets for the people in our area to go different places. Places like race tracks, autocross, sightseeing, or just regular partying.

I'm sure we can get something started with all of your cooperation and support.

So now, what are your suggestions???

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