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I'm building a website for the NW's cars, and I'd like a little information from everyone in the area:

1. Your Name (Real name and alias, or just alias)
2. Your Location
3. Car Make and Model and Year
4. Modifications
5. 1/4 Times, Dyno plots
6. Picture of car.

I'm trying to jumpstart a NW '6 community...I know we have at least 10 active members on the board from the NW...So, post away.

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1. Jonathan Holland aka FlySwat
2. Port Angeles, WA
3. 1988 Mazda MX-6 GT
-Ported and Polished head
-Mitsibushi 15g turbo
-Non-existant exhaust after downpipe
-MSD 6A and Blaster 2 coil.
-WeaponR intake.
5. Low 14's? Nearest track is Bremerton/ No clue on dyno, plan on doing that soon.
6. Um, its white :D

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I'm bored...

1.)Mark Lathrop

2.)Federal Way, WA

3.) 1992 Mazda MX-3 rs

4.) Mods: upper strut tower bars, weight reduction: pulled out engine, laying around looking pretty.

5.) dunno times yet, dunno how much hp I'll be pushing when done with the motor.


I have new wheels and a lot of new stuff coming in for the car. It will look a lot different when done. Unfortunately that could take forever, LOL.

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1. Matt Zook (Zookinator)
2. Port Orchard, WA
3. 1990 Mazda MX6 GT
-ZombieSS Chip
-Cone filter
-Magencore 8.5mm wires
-NGK Iriduim spark plugs
-Tokico blue shocks
-Custom Coilovers
-5Zigen Typhoons w/ Kumho 712s
5. 1/4 mile = 15.0 @ 92mph with a 2.1 60'


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I'll wait til my cars fixed too. Atx to Mtx swap almost complete.

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1. Kyle Loy or shadow3030
2. Mount Vernon, WA
3. 95 Mx6 LS
4. CAI, OBX headers, Mazdaspeed Exhust.
5. Don't know, but I beat a lot of "ricers" around my area, it's fun :)
6. Looks stock green with 17's (seven spoke), and tinted windows. Will post pic later.

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1. Dmitriy - Dima_MX6
2. Seattle, WA
3. 95 MX-6 RS
4. CAI, muffler, short shifter, plugs/wires, Sony headunit w/ Pioneer 12s, 17s
5. N/A
6. not ready...
Car's after the accident atm, so its under restoration, but still wouldn't hurt to have a meet around here

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1. Kevin Shaw (kevins)
2. Scappoose, OR (15 min away from portland)
3. 1993 Mazda Mx-6 LS black
4. atx to mtx swap (just finished :D) fidanza flywheel, cm stage 1 clutch, rr-racing STS, CAI, dropzone coilovers, tokico blues, 17" tsw revos, brembo cossdrilled and slotted rotors, front strut bar, indiglos, halo headlights, loud system, and other little goodies :)
5. No time slips or dynos yet..
6. No camera, will try and get some soon.

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1. Steve Martin (aka. shiny)
2. Redmond/Bellevue, WA
3. 95 MX6 LS
4. stock
5. (it's stock)
6. black

Just my commuter car, no serious plans for mods in immediate future.

Looking for a (free) place to change timing belt and outer CVs -- apartment complexes are far from ideal for that type of thing.

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1. Peter Klym~cheerios165
2. Kennewick (AKA Tri-Cities) Washington.
3. 1993 MX-6 LS MTX (also 93 RS MTX)
4. On the LS its got exhaust and intake and i got 120 bucks to blow and i cant make up my mind on what, the rs is stock
5. ???

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1. Unique6 - aka Glen Roderick
2. Olympia, WA
3. 1990 MX-6 LX
4. N/A
5. working on house of kolor candy red paint, Red/ White reupholstered interior, cat-back exaust, 10- switch air bag setup, 17x7 100 spoke wire wheels, full stereo, and alot of neon (also working on some shaving and molding of items)
6. Pics are @

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1. Chris
2. Puyallup
3. 93 MX-6 LS, mtx, hunter green.
95 PGT mtx, black.
95 PGT mtx, Chromalusion w/ Sinsei Kit (for sale)
4. Appearance mods-
J-Spec headlights, shaved emblems & antenna, lowered 2",
17's, in process-vented hood and mod bumper for dual exhaust.
Performance mods-
I/H/E, UDP, Light FW, CM Stage I, STS, STB's, Suspension,
Braided lines..........and more that I'm forgetting.
Next mod, de-install headers install dual exhaust.
5. 1/4 times - don't know.
Dyno plot - don't remember, not too impressive.
6. Autocross pic at Emerald downs................

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Hey, do Probes count? :)

I don't know if I'm really a "member" or whatever, but if you guys ever have a local meet, I'd definately be there. And of course, any of you guys are welcome to come to any of the PNW meets we have over on .

Anyway, whether or not you guys want me to post my info, I'm going to :)

Name: Kevin Berg, aka ouch1011
Location: Salem, OR
Car: 1996 Ford Probe GT
Mods: Custom CAI, Tokico lowering springs and struts, RR-Racing STS, resonated test pipe, a bunch of miscellanous apperance mods, and to be installed before the end of winter break: Pacesetter headers, pacesetter catback with a Borla muffler.
1/4 times or dyno: I have neither. :(
Pics: This is my most recent one, since my camera is broken:


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1. Patrick Frye
2. Portland Or
3. 1988 MX6 gt silver
4. adamturbo chip. weapon R air intake. momo race steering wheel and momo leather shift knob. hks boost gauge.
5. never tested
6. comming soon
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