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Alright, here is the question... I am going to NOS the 6. I am going to go with a 50-shot at first. I am not one for speed a whole lot. (not enough to put into a turbo or S.C.) I am going for looks but I still want to roast the civics around town that think they are Viper killers. So anyhow, what should I look for? I want to keep my car forever if I could. When this engine blows I am going to get a KL-ZE engine from Japan or closer if I can find one. Will I need a after-market fuel pump for only 50-shot? Where is the best places to get my compression checked? Thanks for the help.


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I can see you have plenty money to spend =D

For 50-shot, I will recommend a new fuel pump. You can get Walbro 190 for $84++

Without new fuel pump, anything bigger than 45 is no no !

To remain stock, 45 or less shot is recommended. But you do need to change your spack plug to NON plantimum, with 0.35 gap.

Before you do Nitrous, do a compression check. You can get a compression kit for car shop for 19.95. It is not very hard to a compression check. Only do Nitrous if your compression check is good.

Depend on how you drive, with 45 shot, your clutch might wear out in 2 bottle. Get prepare to change your clutch soon.

I am using 35 shot now, but I never head to head with Civic before. For 45 shot, you might able to eat Civic easily (how about Type-R? :D )
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