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i need nossssssssssssssssssssss

dude, do some more research. you'll find your answers only by figuring out WHY an engine might blow in the first place from either of those (hint: assuming its not a huge itrous shot or a lot of psi, most engines get messed up by leaning out.. this has to do with the fuel system. go search on what a proper fuel setup would be, then ask some more specific questions.. questions like this one tend to just get flamed because well.. its really an uninformed question.. why would people bother to answer if youre not gonna bother to be a little more precise in what you would like to know?

ALSO just an fyi, on our motors, there really wouldnt be a reason to run nitrous AND forced induction except a very small shot to help cool the intake charge.. theres no way, with most proper sized (for our engines) turbos you would ever start pushing the limits of the turbo where you would need nitrous as "that little bit extra"

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Babies.?? I gonna have a baby in 3 1/2 weeks..

I still thank you should change you forum name. Oh well.

I'm going to be running N20 with my turbo or "turbos". still deciding.

Remember, I'm having my pistons down to a 8:5 compression.
for the Turbo. The N2O is the Icing on the cake. Your right. Turbos love N20 because of the temp drop. Goatcrapp is right do the research.. better yet call for all the set up issues with the engine or if you want to talk email. chunchoy. He knows a ton. I learned a ton from everyone here on the board.

I suppose you N/A kinda guy. Well,, I will beat you in a 1/4 mile with my N2O and turbo any day. hahah

PS> Get the knowledge then JUST DO IT.

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