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so the night started out real boring, i started off at about 12 am with my girlfriend in the car after going to checkers, and picking up so fries. i got bored, so i decided to start following people.

well, low and behold, i pick a car with 3 chicks in it, and proceed to follow them to outside their gated community. as i entered the turn lane to follow them into the community, i come to realize after following them for 20 mins., I'VE BEEN FOLLOWING A SECOND GEN MX-6! so as i become amazingly excited, and begin to tell my girlfriend that my car decided to follow this one to have sex with it, she then started to laugh hysterically while slapping my arm :\

so i left the turn lane and headed back to my girlfriends house to drop her off.

after dropping her off, i headed out to the main road, and happened upon a subaru 2.5 rs. we came upon a light, and i took off on him nice and fast, though he was giving me a run for the money, but my front end was 1 ft in front of his >: )
another kill yay!

afterwards, i pull into a parking lot, and wait for the next set of cars to come up the road (yes, i do camp and wait for races.. i'm THAT lame!)
i pull out onto the road, and the traffic finally catches up, and what with it comes a honda civic >: ) VTEC stickers and all!

in the car, are 3 rather large men (the kind that if you saw in a parking lot you wouldnt mess with) so we proceed to play, we hit a red light, and as were both revving, the light hits green, we both punch it, i go light on letting off the clutch, and then just let off, giving my wheels a nice squeel as i look over at the honda, and see that hes falling behind! i hit second gear, and he starts to gain on me, so i give my 6 more gas... and i begin to take off on him! i can hear the whine of his engine, i figured he had a turbo in there or something, but i was determined to whup his ass, and i did >: )

we reach the next light a few minutes later, ... again, we both rev the engines, i look over and smile at the three men in there, as the look back, the driver with a look of venegance on his face for showing him up in front of his two buddies...
the light turns green, and i hit the gas and let go of the clutch, i pull out before him, and all he can see is my tail lights, so being the asshole that i am, i stick my arm out the window and wave goodbye >: )

finally, a minivan gets in his lane at a light, and he pulls into the turn lane. i look over at the guy ( i stopped back enough from the minivan so that we could talk, ) and i see them trying to talk, so i turn down my stereo, and say "what?!" and all three yell backj, "IS THAT STOCK?!" "hell yes! 2.2 l intercooled turbo!" the driver just nodded, and said "it runs... nice..." "thanks! yours does too!"
thats when i noticed the vtec stickers on the sidepanels of the passenger door... i just began to laugh as they pulled off at the green turn light.

man, did i feel good... MY FIRST CIVIC KILL!

1. 90's model honda civic Si w/ VTEC

and not only that, but i got to embarrass the guy in front of his three buddies MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

anywho, sorry about this being so long!


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good like civic kill...

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