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Hey, when I bought my car it already came with an after market Rampage 35x4 CD player and my brother bought me some Clarion SRC5724 5x7's for the rear as a gift.(didnt ask him to)

Anyways, the clarions speakers are 140w peak power and says it has "continous power 35w" does that mean if I upgrade my 35w x4 cd player to a 50w one will it distort the sound in the clarion speakers? Or will it not make much of a difference? Can they handle the extra watts?

I read the post on basic sound setup, but Unfortuneatly I did not have a say in which CD player and speakers i wanted. I am not planning on shakin the whole neighborhood, just want a good sound.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Well, for starters, your deck diesn't put out anywahere near 35 real watts, so no worries there.

Secondly - if your Clarions aren't installed yet, put 'em in front, not back, where thay'll make the most difference.

Lastly - keep an eye out for a better deck, I wouldn't count on the Rampage lasting too long. :( The shop I worked at stopped selling them because the defective rate was so high.... :E

On a technical note - the wattage ratings on speakers are generally a thermal power handling number that has nothing to do with real world application - that's why so many speakers say "400 watts" when with 50 you could blow the crap out of them, depending on how it's set up. If the speakers are run highpass above about 100 Hz, you can effectively double that power rating - though you ears wouldn't like it much. :eek:
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