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falco[email protected] said:
Hey gang,,,used some tips here on how to get codes, and 24 came up (right side o2 sensor voltgage does not change)

Going to change it,, but which one would be right side? on a 93 Mx6 2.5 atx?

should I change both at the same time?


Right-side is the firewall side of the engine. It's a pain in the ass to get at; some try from the passenger side wheelwell, others try from right under the car. If you do have to go under to get it, use jackstands...

Don't change both at the same time. When the CEL starts coing on for the left (front) sensor, change it then. It is quick & simple to change (takes 5 minutes) and if the CEL codes aren't indicating a problem, the sensor is still satisfactory.
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