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Hey Fellas,

Thanks for all the responses about the the Cali Smog appreciate it. Now for this funky prob, not sure how to describe it so I'll give you guys symptoms. At night with all the lights on I'll tap the brake and get a flicker, I'll get home and turn the car to Accessory and everything dies. I lose my presets and my clock on the radio, if I try to turn it on again it won't but when I open my door the interior lights come on and then the car will start again. Funky I know but it bugs because some times it happens and some times everything is fine, also related to this is another weird thing. I recently went on a short trip (couple hundred miles) and noticed that if I pressed the power window button up that my rear speakers would make a pop noise and when I got to where I was going I turned the car off and it died (the whole radio thing). Any ideas or suggestions? It seems as long as the rpm's are up I need not worry but it has died on me at a drive-thru. Thanks for listening (reading:))


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it might be something as simple as a bad battery. when was the last time you checked it? it only takes like 9 volts to start an engine but voltage below 11 can be insufficient for some of the electrical systems. also, do you have an aftermarket radio? tested your alternator?
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