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I don't see this going very quickly but it's worth a shot.

I have the OEM Radio & CD Player available for anyone who might want it. As far as I remember, everything works with them. The CD player doe NOT play burned cd's. It will only play store bought. Very clean, no scratches, all buttons work, none are sticky.

Asking: $15.00
I won't ship it but I will deliver it to anyone in the GTA. I am in Newmarket, the closer you are, the happier I will be :p Or if you want to meet half way, that is cool too.

I also have some pedals that were bought for me from Canadian Tire a while ago that I don't really want to put in my car. They are universal fit, chrome with black rubber, for a MANUAL... you can give it a shot on an automatic if you feel experimental. I'll sell them for $10.00 OR.. I'll sell the pedals and the radio/cd player as a package for $20.00.

Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks!
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