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Offers on F2T head

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The head is still for sale.

I have had no offers, so it is open for discussion. Obviously no one is wanting to spend $800 on a second had head, so please make an offer! I dont know what it is worth, and something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it!


Rhys Hutcheson
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I'm really not in situation to buy another head, especially since I already have a spare one :)

But, I know that I can get mine reco'd with all the cool gear for about $1000 give or take. So I'm not really willing to pay more than $200, especially since I know it is about 30000km's old and had 30psi put through it.

If it is still around in a few months, or you are willing to drop to that price then I will be interested... but then again, so will everyone else :)

I know that $200 is nowhere near the amount you want.... but hey, you said offers :) And I could also come and pick it up if you want.

I'll offer $201.

$210.. hehehe

btw sleak, how is this sale going?

you have PM!!})
I'm withdrawing my bid due to a recent purchase of a FE3 })
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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