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- KLZE JDM Motor
- ss autochrome headers
- 2.5" hi-flow cat
- 2.5" pacesetter catback
- cold air intake
- h&r springs
- short shifter
- stage 3 clutch
- fidanza flywheel
- cross drill/slotted rotors
- vr4 4-piston brake kit (very big)
- Nitrous kit 75 shot
- h&r 15mm spacers
- kuhmo 711s
- cosmo lightweight pulley
- 255 walbro fuel pump

- 215/40/17 fast-tension wheels
- carbonfiber tail lights
- halo angel eyes headlights
- h_type front bumper
- invader side skirts
- showgun rear add-ons
- red leather door penals
- momo shifter
- glossy painted black dash
- racing steering wheel
- mazdaspeed 4-point harness
- red dash lights


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Blaster3500's 1993 Silver MX6 LS

KLZE intake manifold
Colt Super Street Cams (In. 210° @ .050 .355 L - Ex. 210° .355 L) 274° Advertised duration
64mm Throttle Body
Spec Stage 2 clutch
16lb MX3 Flywheel
Stainless Headers
Magnaflow Stainless Dual tip muffler
2.5" cat back crush bent piping
2.5" stainless resonated test pipe
Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel pressure regulator
Eaton weatherhead custom fuel lines w/ nomex sleeve
Outlaw Engineering Pheno IM Spacers(port matched)
Probinator Full KLZE Chip
RR-racing front motor mount inserts
Silver Vein Powdercoated=
-Valve Covers
-Belt tensioner brackets
-T-Stat housing
-Oil dipstick tube
-Engine removal hooks
-Hard Coolant lines
Gloss Silver Powdercoated-
-Coolant Block
-Front breather tube
-PS pump pulley
-Water pump pulley
-Belt tenioner pullies
Hammertone Silver Powdercoated-
-Intake Manifold
Gloss Red Powerdercoated-
-Hard vacuum lines
Millenia 24v Front VC
Hotshot CAI
K&N cone filter
PRD 8MM Plug wire (red vivid wrap)
Pacesetter short throw shifter
B&M short leather shift knob
Polished fan shroud (1lowmx6)
Polished fuse box cover(King6)
Engine-Mobile 1 5w30
91 Corvette ZR1 oil filter
Trans- GM syncromesh
VIS OEM Carbonfiber Hood
Shaved Emblems
RX-7 FD wheels 16x8 with gunmetal spokes
225/50/16 Hankook Ventus HRII tires
Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs(9004)
Sylvania Silverstar blinker bulbs(1157A)
Red painted calipers
20% Tint
Custom dual gauge pod(under cd player)(KING6)
White reverse glow gauges w/ red needles
Autometer Ultra Light 2 1/16" oil pressure gauge (elec.)
Autometer Ultra Light 2 1/16" water temp gauge (elec.)
Autometer Phantom 2 1/16" narrow band air/fuel gauge
Kenwood X590 USB head unit
6x8 Pioneer 180w speakers(4)
800w profile amp
4 gauge rockford fosgate wiring
12" Audiobahn AW1200Q sub
Custom 3/4" MDF box
Red HVAC lights
H&R sport springs
Tokico HP rear struts
2001 626 16mm Rear sway bar
16mm 626 bushings
Altima Endlinks
Axxis Ultimate F&R Ceramic Brake Pads
PRD Rear Strut Tower Brace
Custom 5mm rear spacers


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Here's mine

'88 MX-6 LX Manual Tranny

Exedy clutch
Kenwood in dash deck
Pioneer speakers all the way around (2x 6 1/2" in rear deck, 2x 4" in front)
MTX Thunder 3202 (i think, 300 watt rms Class D Mono Block)
12" Alpine Type S, 300 rms 900 peak

nothin else yet. I've only had it 4 months, i need more time and money to do stuff.

and my '99 Acura Integra GS Auto

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* Billet Shift knob
* Color matched dash trim
* Indiglow guages blue/green
* Crappy JENSEN deck
* Upgraded mid-range and tweeters
* Sony 15" Xplod sub


* Eibach lowering springs
* Probe GT wheels
* Damaged and crooked fenders
* Mesh grille inserts


* K&N cold air intake
* Stage 2 Clutch
* Greddy Cat-back exhaust


* Performance cams
* Possibly Turbo setup
* 17''/18'' wheels and tires
* VIS Carbon Fiber hood
* Aftermarket head and tail lights
* And maybe a new deck to replace that turd of stereo i have now...

Not to forget my girl and I's newest:
2002 Dodge Durango

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Performance mods:
-ZE swap
-MX6 Tranny
-MX3 flywheel
-Millenia Alt.
-S.B. DXD clutch
-Custom STS
-Hotshot Headers
-Magnaflow Cat-back
-Catco high flow
-P.A. 8mm wires
-NGK plugs
-P.A. CAI w/ K&N filter
-Outlaw Eng. Phenolic Spacers
-Relocated battery
-Optima Red Top
-Falken 512's
-Tokico Blues
-Eibach Ground control coilovers
-Tranny saver
-Poly motor mounts
-PRD 16mm sway bar
-Hawk brake pads...

Just for looks:
- 17x7 chrome rims
-Custom neon underbody kit
-Custom 'GT' light up reflector
-Custom 'PROBE' 3rd brake light
-Smoked out clear corners
-Removed fog lights
-Window tint
-PRD fan shroud
-misc. engine parts painted/powder coated
-Zinc plated engine bay bolts
-Custom 'GT' airbag cover
-P.A. h4 headlight conversion
-P.A. chrome oil cap
-P.A. chrome dipstick...

-Grey to black interior swap
-Custom Fiberglasses interior panels & speaker enclosures
-all covered with material
-Carbon fiber door handles
-Eclipse fold out LCD
-Eclipse 8 Disc CD changer
-Eclipse navigation unit
-Alpine 6x9s
-Audiobahn 6 1/2s
-Alpine 10" subs
-'Racing' seats
-rear seat delete w/ custom false floor...

Im sure there is more, just cant think right now.


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always under construction...

my Mazda 626 GLX converted to a track circuit race car.

engine: FE-DOHC 2.0-16v
Fidanza light weight flywheel
stock clutch (for now)
Green open air filter
brakes: wilwood dynalites, goodridge lines
converted drums to drilled rotors rear
poly urethane suspension all around
new swaybars, balljoints, controll arms, steering joints, wheel bearings.
front strut tower bar front and rear, rear tiebar
KW Variant III suspension (coilovers for the GE/ 2nd gen mx6)
Sparco Rev II seats
take off steering wheel (momo)
OZ super leggera rims
tires Bridgestone Potenza RE050a
extra meters

to come:
rollcage (jan 2008)
fe-dohc turboed engine (working on that)
rear big brakes (EVO VIII calipers)
Volk Racing rims or 5Zigen


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First off i wanna say Dutch that is the best looking 626 i have ever seen, real talk

I my self have gone the rotary route but this was my mx-6 that i had:

Pretty much all that was done to it was k-sport coilovers k&n cone filter,carbon fiber hood with hood pins and sportmax 962's wrapped with hancook ventus rs2s 225/45/17 and a megan racing n1 exhaust can...Ohh yeah and my panasonic deck and polk spearkers :cool:


what coilovers can do for you... and btw i was still able to go about 1 and 1/2 inches lower in the front and like 5 in the back but the big tires wouldn't let me do so

Oh yeah i made the lip out of home depot garden edger stuff, i like to call it (Garden Fiber)

This is my current car FC3C 88 S4 RX-7

Nothin really done to this ethier just a Street ported motor with a Atkins rotary rebuild,testpipe from a friend replacing all three cats, Racing Beat Cat Back Exhaust, HKS Cold air intake, Cusco strut bar (Front Upper), MSD Spark plug wires and soon to have power by max coilovers

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Heres my baby bet you aint seen one like this before and is a factory produced bodykit the wheels are no longer on it though

And it has leather although thats not in very good condition so as im only allowed 3 pics i missed it oout and showed you me 16 valve lump instead :)

I knows sumpthin
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Tein SS-P 450f 500r Custom Valved Struts -3.0/-1.5deg Camber F/R
Motegi Traklite 17x8 w/ 235/40/17 Azenis RT-615
AWR Trailing Links
AWR 19mm Rear Sway Bar
AWR Adjustable Endlinks F&R
AWR Motor Mounts
Mobilin's Tranny Saver
Super Pro Control Arm Bushings
NEW OEM Rear Lateral Links
Custom Steering Rack Bushings

Corbeau FX1 Pro 1pc Seat, Black and Red
Schroth 4pt Harness, Red
Ebay STS

Ebay Headers Heat Wrapped
Hotshot CAI
2.5" Manderel Bent Side Exit Exhaust w/Magnaflow
Kingsbourne 7.5MM Black Wires
Silver Painted VC's
Spoiler Delete

(sorry, no interior shots)

Interior swap to Black Cloth
Battery Re-Locate to Trunk with 11lb battery
Corner Balancing
Going Faster!

Drag car, '89 PGT 270whp 310wtq:


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Blaster3500, that is a clean 6 dude! I really like your ride height.

Spectre Modular CAI
NGK G-Power sparkplugs
Bosch 7mm wires

Pretty much stock.


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my 90 PGT Exterior mods: tinted tails & turns. Foha spoiler. hand polished 2 gen pgt rims BADLY in need of a paint job lol INTERIOR: complete redux- new crack free dash, completely redone in black ( yaya!!) dash glass done in transparent red, gaugepod mounted to the pass. side of the gauge shroud. Dual cd deck ( glows red!!) w/ mp3 input, sweet gt floor mats, carpet ripped of doors & replaced w/ leather. ENGINE:pprobinator chipped ecu, rebuilt f2t bored .030" over, ported atx TB, home made hardpipes, type-s knockoff as a bpv, freshly rebuilt tbird hybrid, ported o2 housing, 2.5" turboback exhaust, taylor 8mm red wires, lower shores MBC, solid metal radiator. Block, VC & a few other items painted ford red SUSPENSION/CHASSIS: 2 gen springs on original prc struts, ADCO rear swaybar,poly endlinks all around, new bearings, rotors,LCA's, probinator lower tie bar, rstb, new tie rods ( inner & outer) new axles & clutch recently, front & rear trans mounts filled all sittin on hankook k106vr16 tires a few pics :cool: I can't seem to be able to line up all the items all nice & neat like you all do...if any mod wants to "fix" that I would be grateful


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i guess its time for an update:

teh current "daily"

and of course the "project"


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Okay, heres my Beast :p


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I've gone through this thread and edited/deleted posts that didn't follow the rules. Some were deleted because the pictures didn't work, or the pictures were too big. A few were edited because there were too many pictures.

I suggest that if you posted your car in this thread, go back through it again and see if your post got deleted so you can fix the issue and repost again.

3 pictures.
1 picture of another vehicle
800x600 res limit. (there are many posts already in here with 1024x768 pics, but any new ones will be deleted.)

There are a lot of pictures in this thread, and that can cause some problems for some users, so please lets keep the thread usable by not posting 10 massive pictures per person.

Please read neptune's rules:
*Rules of this thread are simple:*

1.Post only 3 pictures of your car (preferably 2 outside, 1 inside)
2.List whatever mods you have done (ie:exterior, interior, engine, suspension)
3.No commentary, just show your car and thats it.
4.You can post 1 picture of another car you drive.


*It has been brought to my attention that some people have had a hard time loading the pages just because there are some larger pics. If anyone has over 800x600 res images, could you please resize to a smaller #. Thanks*
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