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OH cleaning the garage

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Brand new KL pistons, rods, rings 300.00 obo
KL02 cams perfect for custom grinds 100.00 obo
Auto trans with 3000 miles just rebuilt 150.00 obo
KL block with used pistons 200.00 obo
1994 hood shaved wiper nozzles 50 obo
2.5 inch custom cat back 50 obo
2 Kuhmo Ecsta SP2s 100.00
AEM Emanage 1 150.00 obo
Fuel rails w injectors 100.00 obo
Air bag sensors-20.00 obo
1992 Probe GT front bumper-40.00 obo
Bare DE intake mani-30 obo
Throttle body w light porting work 40 obo

1994 style one piece mirrors-25 obo
1994 Radiator good condition-30 obo
KL front valve cover-15obo
NGK Blue performance wires 15 obo
Passenger seat 15 obo
Set of Back seats 10.00
Beat ass 1992 GT wheels 100 obo lol
2 Alpine Type S 12s Like brand new in competition ported box 200 obo
Matrix dual outlet Muffler good condition 60 obo
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brief description of interior items like color? wear?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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