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OHIO meet pictures...many cars

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Just a list a of the pics from the meet. Mostly probes but a few 6's managed to get pics in here as well. There were many cars I missed pics of because everyone was here and gone at different times. Lots of cars showed up considering it was october, over 20 throughout the day. But we had some fun and had a cookout at the park. Thanks to those who came out and supported Ohio Probes North...yes even you mazda people :D I need to do a better job recruiting and get some more Ohio poeple into the scene. Enjoy the pics

Enjoy - Dan
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Damn, that shogunned red and silver Probe is nice as hell.
I wish I would've been in Ohio then because I would've
definately shown up with my lil 6.

Nice turnout and pics.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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