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OIL!!!! A/F Problem!!! HELP

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ok i have a huge oil leak on my turbo probe ive been told by some people it could be a front main seal they say thats a common problem when u do power adders!!! and i very rarly boost cause im having a huge problem, if i sit at i light ready to get going and i hit the gas i get going fo like 100 feet then the car will nose dive and it will die then it will just start right back up and get going...wth and also i have codes, 2 and 46 also after i get done with 40 mins of highway driving when i get off the highway and pop it in neutral and coast to a stop and turn and get back on the gas the car will completely die and i will have to start it back up!!!! pleses help i have to get to school tomarrow
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someone plz i need ur help!!!
Sounds like the motor might be flooding or something when you let off the gas / sit at a light.

If its leaking oil into the cylinders then your going to be looking at a head gasket. Also could be your problem with the trouble of the motor running incorrectlly.

Where is the oil leak?
well i just pulled the codes and i have a oxygen sensor out and i have a crank sensor code...o its a 1995 ford probe v6 manual, and im also getting oil in the exhaust it looks like help
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