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Oil Change "Question and Answer"

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I know this may seem like the MOST futile question, I got caught not knowing the answer to this after searching for half an hour: How much oil is needed for the V6 MX-6 during an oil change?

To make it simple, I titled it with the search I used. "Oil Change question and answer"

The answer is simple: 3.7 L for KL-DE engines. Should be the same for the KL-ZE. BUT it took me 4.4 litres to get it full.

Anyone may feel free to add to this info if there is anything relative to oil cahnges as well:p
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just fill it to the full on the dip stick!
Yes, it would be the same.
Haynes says 4.2 quarts (US, not imperial quarts), which is 4.0 litres.

Just one hour ago I changed the oil and filter on my 2000 626 V6. 4.0 litres took it 1/2 way between L and F on the dipstick.
yeah 3.7L won't fill it i usually have to use just over 4L
Mine was roughly 4 1/2 quarts, don't have much other info to provide...
Took me about 4.4L to fill the ZE, and also the difference between the L and the F on the dipstick is 1L
took 4 and didnt even show up on dipstick, added 1 more and it showed full, total = 5??

changed oil filter as well this is on a de..
are you on a level ground?
some filters can hold a lot of oil..
i usually get a big jug (i think 4 quarts,) and a quart.
i use up the big jug, and about a third to half of the quart.

but yea, i know what you mean, i always get scared about putting in way too much oil.
I put 4.5qts
i use 5...... but change it when the engine is reallly hot (like after a 40min drive) so i guess alot comes oout!?
I use 5 quarts to fill mine up. (LS V6)
3,5L with filter change.

Another question BTW : is there anything to put between the plug and the oil pan or can I tighten them together ?
You should use a crush washer between the plug and the oil pan. Otherwise oil can leak out slowly.
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OK, thanks. I din't know it was named like that.
What is the usual size of it?
Does a copper one will be enough?
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