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i was noticing that i had oil leaking all around where the head meets the block, and i noticed smoke out of my exhaust whenever in a low gear decelerating, i would wipe the oil off the block and take it for a spin not boosting it and oil would be back. and the three time i have replaced my head i have used the same bolts, i did some researched and learned that they are "stretch bolts" and can't be used more than once, so I came to the conclusion that my headgasket was leaking, so i purchased a copperhead gasket and ARP studs. so i took off the head and the gasket looked in good condition. there was also oil coming out of my bov , so im thinking it was my turbo, so i bought a AGP turbo and still oil coming out of my bov, what could the problem be? could you help me please. i also had oil in the pipe going to the turbo from the vaf, so i installed a catch can and i can see smoke coming from the breather filter i have on there
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Did u mess up the oil guides that go on the block to the head? Some dued cars was leaking oil from the head and block and it was the headgasket that was bad and his oil guides, i replace em and it stop. I had used head bolts more than 1 time in mazdas or any other car with no problems. I also have brand new head bolts from Mazda if your interested.
there are two of them right
Yup one on each conner
i haven't had those for a while, how do they guide the oil, and where do i get them
thanks for the offer for the bolt but i just bought ARP studs
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