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Ok i have done some pricing on beefing up the ATX 4EAT for a 94' MX-6 and let me tell you my butt still hurts, I have replaced My ATX once and feel that i can save money by doing a MTX swap, simply because it should cost less (by the way a TC and trans from Mazda is around $2000 - $2250 new) So my question is Does somebody have prepared list for the MTX swap, I need to know all the parts to get to Achieve this, So far i know I need these items:

1. 5 speed Trans
2. Pedal Assembly
3. Shifter Assembly
4. Clutch Master Cylinder
5. Slave cylinder
6. Shifter Linkage
7. MTX Axles <-- or can i use my ATXs for now, i know they are different joint types but will it work for now ??
8. . . . .

PLease help my brain is fried and my trans will soon be too, cause i drive hard and demand alot from my car. (but don't we all) Thanx ! ! ! !

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