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Oklahoma Drag Meet Friday Night 10/10/03

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This topic has been floating around in the Probe Lounge for awhile so I thought I'd toss it up here.

What: Test N' Tune Drag racing (just like Fri at Ennis (which is closed this particular weekend)).
Where: Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble, OK Directions
When: Friday October 10, 2003 6PM-12AM
Cost: $15 race $7 spectate

The drive will be roughly 2.5 hours (2 hours if we high-tail it). The track is just south of OKC and Norman off of I-35. We will meet somewhere in Lewisville at around 5-6PM and head north from there. Rush hour through Denton will be a hassle so we'll probably take a back route through the country (377 or 287)until we get north of Denton.

Those attending:

01. KT94PGT (Shawnee, OK)
02. DRPEPPER (Norman, OK)
03. halfriceboy (Wichita, KS)
04. MULTI (Dallas, TX)
05. knightrider07 (Dallas, TX)
06. onlyp (Arlington, TX)
07. S.A. PGT Mark (San Antonio, TX) [Possibly]
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The midwest is right, right??

Think so...
Holy piss man...this meet was from almost 2 years ago.

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