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Here is the lowdown:

Alpine Village

Date: to be determined pending interest. But will either be on Oct. 12, 19, or 26.

the beer garden opens up at noon on sunday and they allow all ages, so the kids won't have a problem getting in.

there should be free admission tickets either in the LA/OC Times and on the alpine village website.

All the 6's here are invited to join in on the fun!

Please post questions, comments, concerns, etc...

Hope to have a good turn out

EDIT: the Alpine Village address:
833 W Torrance
Torrance, CA

If you search in yahoo, their webpage should come up as one of the first couple of links.

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the plan is, so far:

we're still deciding on the right date. it looks like it's going to be on the 19th, which is next weekend.

no, the cost to get in is NOT free. if you look in your local newspapers, there should be in one of the sections, a free pass for entry. the last time i went, you could also get one of the passes in a flyer from the little market they have right next to the restaurant. i'm going to check their website and see if there is one on it as well. other than that, the cost of your meal and/or beer is about all you're going to pay.

keep in mind that this place gets extremely busy, even on sunday. they will not be checking id to enter the beer garden on sunday, but they will if you intend to buy some brew.

we're going to be organizing a meeting spot very soon, so stay tuned for that.

where are the SD crew? don't tell me this is too far for them. c'mon now. beer. probes. beer. mx-6s. beer.

not a hard decision guys. :D ;)

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Hope to see more than a few of you there!

The cost is relatively inexpensive to go. I think Damon has already told of what to expect. The admission should be free on the day we go with that coupon you can get from , otherwise the other expense is for food and beer.

And if you dont have a coupon, I will bring a few extra. Otherwise, the admission shouldn't be more than $5.

So, come on out and have a good time!

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The long lost 6er

Hi all,

I know it has been a long time since i have posted, you probably thought i was dead !

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am alive, but have been very busy with political stuff in the city etc. and family outings etc. I won't be able to make the Oktoberfest, but I will try and shoot for the November meet ! I came across a Probe person in Hemet that is interested in going to the meets and getting together. I am always actively involved in pushing the group when I meet a fellow 6er or prober.

How was the Buttonwillow run Damon?

I am so bummed I wasn't able to run the track now that my car could actually make some numbers. I will see you all next month and hopefully I won't have to take my car out of state to register it if Arnold can actually repeal the car tax.

Maybe you'll see me in the State senate in the future.

Slidin Sideways,

Michael "T"
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