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I have searched, read, looked and asked, and still I can't get my msd box to work. A few weeks ago my distributer went, and I begain my search for a replacement. I decided that the price for the oem part was just not worth it, and for about the same price I could get an msd setup. I got a 6A, a blaster 2, and a tach adapter. I have read ever post, and looked at every power point presentation. And now 3 transitors in, and a non running car, I am looking for some help. If anyone has pictures of there setup I would love to see them. I can't seem to find anyone with an MX6 though, a mx3 and probe have different wiring, and might be whats throughing me off. My other question is if it's the Tach adapter. The msd Manual says probes need the part 8910EIS to run. But most of the people I see are running a plain 8910. Would this make a difference? Sorry for the long post, I am just lost at this point. Any help from a mx6 owner with an msd would be awsome, thanks!
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