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my friend has got his black 944turbo back on the road after a full re0build. the car has done 1500ks on the new engine and he has a full 3inch s/steel system mandrel bends and all. we went out to a picnic with my girl in my car and he and his girl in his 44.did his jaw drop when we left the lights side by side. he was struggling to keep up. i won none the less. and we had a catch up game, i was in front steady at 80kph then i floored it and so did he at the same time. i was pulling away from him quite well and he admitted he was going flat out to stay with me. it took him at least 20 secs to keep the same distance from my rear bumper. but with a lil help from me we can get that baby humming then he can help me re-buld my gt engine.

JPMX6GT said:
Nice kill... what year Porche? My neighbor has one and it looks really slow. He's always reving up the engine and it just feels like it's a slow car. Slow meaning not as fast as other Porches. anyway.. Good Kill!
944's aren't really that fast, I've taken one, my friend took one (with the air conditioner on!) (in an eclipse) Take them when you can find them!!!!!!!!
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