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Hey guys, I got a job interview as a police cadet. YAY!! i would do cartwheels but i dont think I'm that flexible. I would either be taking stupid complaints from local citizens like "I want a police officer to arrest my neighbors, their leaves keep falling in my yard" type complaints or I would be doing those meter maid/ parking enforcement jobs. Anyways, I was thinking of putting a down payment for a new car but then I would feel like a sucker for spending all the money on the mx6 so I decided to keep adding stuff till the unfortunate day where my car either gets stolen or destroyed.
I was thinking of doing 3 stuff and was wondering what you guys would think. My first option was to move my A/C component where the DIN area is like stealth and put digital gauges like these

My second option was to install my stingray body kit which has been sitting in my apt for the longest time.
And my last option was to pay for a KLZE engine swap. What would you guys say/recommend?
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