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Optional OEM CD Player

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I want to maintain the OEM appearance (and I'm old enough not to care about volume) but my CD player (add on in 2nd DIN slot beneath radio) no longer works. I'm wondering if there is an OEM radio/CD player that will plug and play. I would then gain a storage spot in the second DIN now occupied with the broken CD player.

I noticed this one on ebay with good pics of the side and back of the unit (on the left side of the page). Anyone know if this or another model will meet those needs?

eBay Motors: Mazda 626 Protege MX-5 Miata '97-00 CD player TESTED (item 160283610775 end time Sep-22-08 18:46:08 PDT)
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any single DIN out of a mazda will work and look OEM. Those dimensions are pretty much universal for center consoles that have an area shaped kinda like that, but more and more cars are coming with customized stereo dimensions, which is frustrating for smaller stereo shops that end up using crapped cheap plastic cutouts

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