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Ouch. Rear-ended!

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Ouch. Last Monday morning I was driving towards the lights on the corner of Kingsway & Springvale Road. The traffic lights had just turned yellow but a plonker changed lanes right in front of me. I knew I wouldn't make the lights so I braked hard. My work bag went sailing off the passenger seat, so after I reached across to get all that sorted I straightened up again just in time to have a Mitsubishi Triton smack into the back of my car. He hit me so hard I ended up in the intersection, so he didn't actually manage to brake much, given he had a heap of time to do so. The ute was barely damaged.

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The tow bar took most of the impact so the boot floor is pretty badly crushed. I've had a bit of hassle all week trying to sort this out with a Clayton repairer who took all the details and was supposed to contact the other driver and organise the repair to my car - he's decided not to answer his mobile phone (I got his address, rego etc, so I'm not sure why he's trying to be a prick about all this).

I've now gone through my insurance to get all this sorted but as the repair will be $4000 (4WS is OK), my insurance assessor might decide the car will be written off. Last month I paid out $3000 for repairs so I'm not happy at the moment..... I'll find out either way on Thursday.

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That's almost the same as what happened me me. Retard Green P-Plater hit me in a... you guess it.. Mitsubish. Not too sure if it was a Triton, but it was a ute.
Was the driver of the vehicle a 'Parts Interpreter' for a car dealership as well? lol

Even the place where he hit you looks almost the same as mine.
Damage on yours prob is not as bad as mine as you got the stock plastic bumper which would have absorbed much of the impact. I had a custom fibreglass bumper which didn't but instead pushed the beaver panel, bottm lock latch and underside of rear lights in about 4cms or so. Custom bumper is still even in one piece.

Refer to thread below.

Condolences for the accident tho.
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LOL oh 5h!t

Just checked your profile..
You even have the same first name as me!! LOL
Ohh that sucks Steve, your car was mint :( If they fix it you'll have a nice new rear end to match the resprayed front!
Another one bites the dust... how many people have been rear-ended on this forum?!!?!!
I'm one of them.
AS am I. Really sorry to hear it Steve. Here's hoping they repair instead of write off.
awwww shit... bad luck man, sucks when that happens... hope your insurance will pay to fix the thing...
Ouch :( Poor Thing.

Keep us posted on whats going on with her.
Thanks guys - I'll find out tomorrow when my insurance's assessor looks it over. Yeah Jesse, I was actually thinking about organizing getting the rear bumper resprayed soon. Guess it'll get done now, if the car isn't written off!

It's a real shame - I've had my 6 since 2001. The rolling restoration was almost complete.... I've spent a lot of money on it which I won't recoup as I've only had it insured for market value.

Good news

Yesterday, the insurance assessor looked my car over and was really impressed with how I've looked after it. He said it looked like a new car, inside and out. I don't know about that, but at least they're willing to fix up my car rather than write it off!

Funny day yesterday - I had a guy follow me off the Eastern Freeway, and at the lights ask if my car was for sale! He said he's been looking for a First Gen for some time. It was kinda nice to be asked, but my car isn't for sale.

Ask me again when something else goes wrong though....


Nah, I'd miss my car too much. I'm really glad the damage is getting fixed up next week.

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Great news Steve!!!
Picked up my car today, and I have to say they did a bloody amazing job. It's as good as new, and they put a lot of care into it. I'll post some pics over the weekend.

Congrats on the quick turn around. I wish my bodyshop/insurance was as quick as yours. Been 5 weeks already, however I'm getting $8k worth of work done.
good to hear Steve. Looking forward to seeing some pics :)
Before :(

After :)

The Turbo sticker is in the wrong spot, but I'm getting to like it on the boot.

The repairers were fantastic. They haven't even been paid by the insurance company yet - they agreed to fix up my car and they'll deal with the paper chasing later. They even touched up a couple of small spots at the rear that weren't even in the brief for them to fix. Excellent job....
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I like where the Turbo sticker has been placed.

She's looks really good now, better then new. Glad to see she's her self again.

Looks great Steve, how can you talk about selling it now? Its almost all brand new now!

I think things will be easier when I have a garage to leave my car in, as here in Fitzroy there's always someone fiddling with the cars on the street at night.

Besides I think I'd get bored with a newer car. Everything would just work!

Looks mint now, and I'm not sure where the turbo badge is supposed to be, but it looks tops where it is now.
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