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overheating and eratic idling

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ok, so i drove my car to college the other morning (about 4 blocks) and when i get there i notice my temp is pretty hot. after school i fill up the rad just in case and start it up. it revs up to about 2500 and then shoots down to 12 and keeps doing this about once a second. so i head home and by the time i get home its almost in the red so i shut it off. i replaced the thermostat. still the same thing. i thought it might be a bad thermostat so idrove it around the block with no thermostat and still got hot. i took off the rad cap and let it idle till it got warm so i could see if the water pump was curculating. it still idled like [shizzle] and then got almost to the red and a big plume of steam came out of the rad and the temp went down and revs went down to 1200 then after a few seconds climbed back to 2500 and kept doing the same thing. what is wrong. any info would be appreciated. o and the head gasket is less than 6 months old but is cheap ebay brand. thanks
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o, and the turbo is making noises. i have another one sitting in my parents garage was hoping to keep driving it with bad turbo for a while until i have a long weekend or something to change it.
I'm not sure about it but I don't think it would be wise to drive around without a thermostat. You should check it by putting it in boiling water and see if it opens, it might be bad I think it opens at 160deg? you'll have to check on that.. You should also "burp" your coolant, that alone could be the problem even if your thermostat is fine. If there is air pockets in your coolant it will cause you to overheat and have erratic idle.
i let it run about 15 minutes with cap off. no change. now i have to drive my sunturd
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