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P Reg MX6 gt 104k miles

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Excellent car sorry to see it go, Has probably cost me less than £500 since i bought it (off family friend) on MOT's over last 4 years.

Very fast and as with most Mazdas very nice to drive.

2 Clifford Alarm fobs/keyess entry

Partial History and receipts

Good leather interior condition. Grey

Grey Union Jack Mats (£50)

K&N Air Filter

Outlaw chrome/gunmetal alloys with good tyres

Clifford alarm and immobiliser

Kenwood CD player with spectrum analyser

Looking for £1650 BUT WOULD LOOK AT OFFERS
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No offence - but that price is cloud cuckoo land.

You'd need to drop it below £1,000 to get it sold.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) MX-6's don't attract a lot of attention so selling this might take a while. It may help to put up some pictures as well.

I also agree with Ben's comment on the price, you might want to consider dropping it a bit.

Best of luck.
Hi Guys,

Well you know my feelings about MX 6 prices.....:urg::shrug:

My friend in the USA has an excellent condition '93 Ford Taurus Station Wagon 3.0 litre V6 with over 100K on the clock and it suffered a side hit earlier this year requiring a new rear passenger door and other superficial damage. Fortunately the sill was undamaged or it would have been a "Write Off". The damage was $1200 to repair and the insurance company valued it at $2500.

So secondhand values are better in the USA which surprises me as new cars prices are much cheaper there.

Have a great day.

I think that the price of fuel, tax, insurance, and maintenance costs tend to put people off a bit. In the USA I could hazard a guess that all of the above is a lot cheaper.
Thanks for confirming my fears, i did think was possibly over priced but love the car, wheels cost £700 a year ago and has rarely let me down (clifford alarm a couple of times). In the current climate it is a double edged sword, you need to sell but don't want to give it away. Noddy you're totally right, it's the fuel and running costs not to mention £5.20 a day parking that has seen me give up the car and splash out on a DAS motorbike course (passed) and currently got a VFR 400 but now want bigger bike. If i get rid of my car, the missus has got a Xedos 6 1.6 auto so i can pretend it's a MX6 if i close my eyes and try very hard!!! not!!

NOW £1100 and it's anyones
Ps how do i post pics if they are not on URL??

i can email to anyone who's interested
I like those wheels, but I sooo want to drop the ride height of that six!
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