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I'm assuming you bled the air from the coolant correct? Thermostat will open then you'd add more coolant/water to the car and wait for the bubbles to stop and the fans MAY turn on as well once there's no air.

Otherwise it sounds like maybe you need to do a compression check on all the cylinders.

Best of luck

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Is it overheating when you're driving?
If so it could be the water pump, head gasket or a coolant leak.

Does it only overheat at idle?
If so it's because the cooling fan isn't turning on.

Code P0128 usually means the coolant temp isn't reaching operating temperature.
Is the 93-97 MX6 cooling fan turned on by the computer or by a thremo switch (sensor that gives or cuts a signal at and above a certain coolant temperature)?
Does the 93-97mx6 have a coolant sensor for the gauge and a coolant sensor for the ECU like the first gen or does the temp gauge run off the ECU?

If the ECU controls the cooling fan and if the ECU has it's own coolant temperature thermo sensor than I would guess that sensor or it's connection to the ECU is faulty, the dash gauge reads hot, the engine is hot and the ECU gets a low or no temp reading, doesn't turn on the cooling fan and throws code P0128.

Just because something is new doesn't mean it's working (even though it should), I have seen brand new dead thermostats many times. I have had this conversation with people more times than I can count:

Them- I changed my spark plugs and the car ran like shit afterwards. So I change the cap, rotor and plug wire and it's still runs the same, what should I change next?
Me- Take the plugs out and put the old ones back in.
Them- But they're new there is no way they are the problem.
Me- just put the old plugs back in and we can diagnose what the problem is, call me back.
Them- I put the old plugs in and the car ran great, so I put the new plugs in and the problem came back, why?
Me- Why did you put the new plugs back in, obviously they are the problem.
Them- They can't be the problem they're brand new.

If a person bough underwear and suffered chaffing in the underwear area they will stop wearing them but if they buy a car part that causes issues they won't stop trying to use it.

Everything new isn't better and now a days it's bound to be worse. Or don't dismiss something as the suspect just because you changed it, Doesn't mean it is the issue but keep in mind it can be.

Google the Factory Workshop Manual PDF for your year MX6 and see if there is one you can download, then follow the steps.
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