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Painted Carbon Fiber Hood

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A couple of months ago, in some import rag, I saw a S14 Silvia/240SX that was a real deep red. It also sported a carbon fiber hood that was tinted red to match the color. My question is this: would it be possible to buy that same transparent paint a lot of guys use on their tails to make them all red and just get a close match to tint a carbon fiber hood/lip/trim? It seems like it would be a good idea because you can still see through it to see that the hood is CF but at the same time, it adds a very nice tough instead of what some people think is an ugly carbon fiber color. Feedback? Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know what you guys think because I'm going to buy that hood from the buly buy forum. The one from Just let me know what ya'll feel about this mod ok? Thanks. Peeeeeeace :cool:
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IMO, painted carbon fiber is ugly, but....if you paint just the edges or something, that looks good. I seen a prelude that did that. It looked great.
Yeah, I dunno, I usually think painted CF looks like trash too. But the way that this one was done (with basically transparent paint) made it look not like the CF was painted, but like it was just red CF. I just think since I'm working toward a show car, any subtle touches that are really rare would help. I'll try and post some pictures.
It may have came like that when he bought it. I am almost positive that they have colored carbon fiber.
See, that's what I originally thought, but the article (it was the cover car/feature) said that the shop that painted his car also painted his hood, because the way they made his color was with a pink base coat underneath layer upon layer upon layer of transparent maroon. That's why i think that layering some transparent paint on CF would look pretty bad ass.
they do have cf colors,red,blue,yellow,green. i'm pretty sure that tecniq is spraying the paint above the hood a misting it on-sounds hard though but i like it.
Yeah, I think that's the technique too...but i think it looks about 100 times better than just the regular CF does on a really bold paint color. Here is the link to the car I saw. give a look and let me know what you guys think. thanks.
i personally think a big black hood o na car is fulgy. there is a some nice uses for c/f hoods as it helps in autocross by taking some of the weight off the front of th car. IMO primer a hood and paint it. it will match the car and look like it suppose to.
it is really simple to do, I have done it to a couple of my cars over the years. You just get the color that you want to paint the hood. You take PPG Clear coat and mix in about 20% the color of the hood and 80% clear coat. Just spray on regularly and add about 3 layers of just strait PPG Clear, cut and buff and it is done
I have also heard of people spraying into the air and letting the paint settle onto the hood, clear coating it, then cut and buffing it, and it only showed at certain angles in the light, it looked awesome.
Good tone of red color. I would do it by mixing some of the basecoat into clearcoat. That should do it. Just a lil bit of red into it so it stays transparent. Don't get too greedy with the color, cause you can always spray another coat of that "toned clearcoat" on it if you want to. Not bad looking at all.

Even that 20% sounds bit too much. I'd say try very mild mixture at first. It's amazing how fast the color takes over and that stops being transparent. Depends on color though. Red has very strong pigment though.

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