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part out mx6 1993

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strut bar ractive 25$
4 mag brand new + 4 tire brand new yokohama parada 900$
all the car no rust if you want any part

cluster homemade with autometer c2 350$
triple gauge pod 100$
custom fmic in out 2.5 inch 200$
exhaust 2.5 mandrel, flexible, cat hiflow, muffler magnaflow 250$
radio mp3 alpine 200$
short shifter rr-racing 100$
backglass black 100
door electric + black glasses 100
wing 40
headlight 30
taillight 30
tell me what you want

im from quebec, canada

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I'm interested in the front bumper, Passenger fender, headlights and turn signals, maybe the strut bars!!!
How much?
Where exactly are you located in quebec?
Any chance that you have some black floor mat?
How about those window mouldings? I'm looking for those pieces that are on both doors as well as the one from the rear glass. Looks good from the pics, but not sure.
Troisriviere quebec, send a pm if you are interrest .can take picture of moulding but it good sorry for thé ponctuation im on my iPhone:)
I have a brand new heat wrap ,a gt28rs with less than 1000km with dumppipe, ss hose,ss fitting 1350 for all
Interested in the cluster, but only if it comes down in price.
how much herpee?
send me a pm do you wanrt the c2 gauges ?
anychance of you selling me the IAC from off the throttle body?
Definitely interested in the mouldings (both doors and the rear window). Send me a pm w/ the pics and a price. Thanks.
how much can you give for this?
front bumper?!wing?! how much to ship to 28557
GRTMATCH :A guys call me to buy the car.... i will call him tomorrow if he dont take the car, i contact you

60$ for the front bumper
but for now im not sure... just for the wing

i give new tomorrow

I have a APEXI TURBO TIMER with box, and instructions
if anyone want it!
contact me
6cyl? if so ill take the trany and eeryting to convert from atx to mtx

but how much for the whole car?
Still waiting to here from you...did the car sell or not?
Hey, I need some really basic stuff.

I need the first reservoir off of the radiator, and your steering wheel.

How much?
i just need the wing and the shipping for it
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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