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I am parting out my 93 MX6. Here is a quick list, but there is more, so just ask.

- Custom blue gauges
- All black dashboard
- Custom pieces (ie: no cupholder)
- After market pedals (for standard)
- Black head liner
- Leather seats (front & back)
- Pioneer speakers

- Doors
- Sunroof
- Front & back bumpers
- Hood
- Shaved trunk
- 3 Winter tires with stock rims

- DE Bottom end
- Axles

and much more..

Shaved trunk

No cupholders & switches

Seats (Front)


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How much for the rear bumper? Does that come with the license plate bulb harness I need that also ;). The black headliner that you dye that yourself?
Bumper is gonna be 30... the lowest bro lol and yes should be with the lights n [shizzle] ill double check that for u..

Are the seats tan leather per chance?
I posted some pics of them... (Black)

As well, what are the specs on that it still available?
Sorry Im keeping the Mag... for my next 6

how much for the black dashboard and the shaved trunk?
Trunk, isnt for grabs at the moment.... please standby!
Dashboard u give me a price (Not a scratch..) and really clean!

How much for the gauges?
$60.. pick a different Color for background or Signals... maybe i can hook u up..! if u dont want the blue

Oh I forget 2 mention, the sun roof any rust? I'm going 2 need a sunroof 2
No No No.... No rust

what colour is the hood?
Its Primed...and the hood is also shaved..

And the trunk is primed as well..

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sorry for the late/delay guys.. I work nites.. so i should be sleepin like right now...
Reason lol theres Clusters for everyone lmao Trunk not so much... Im up right now (Clearly) so im gonna go get the shippin price for u seen!
And also guys im gonna get rid of this car maybe by this weekend... the parts i posted n spoke about i will keep for u.. other small parts.. come take asap!

thank u n have a great nite.... i mean day!

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Any pics of the head liner & sun roof?
No No pics just come backn check it out anytime.. we spoke about the bumper.. Ill have to get around to shavin the Sidemarkers for u... How soon u need the bumper?

Okie dokie, well seeing as nobody wants the gauges, I'll take them........
Bring ur Gauges... ill do them for u (any Color).. 20$?

hi looking for mtx swap parts, willing to pull the clutch/brake pedal assembly, linkage, clutch master, all the lines, clutch slave cyl, shift linkage, and both main trans mounts?
Come take it all bro.. the Tranny is out... so everything should be easy from there.!.! A bill?

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647-888-6221... for anyone who wants to come see the car or so..
Im not online alot due to work n shit but Text or call n we can work somthing out..

I want the car gone this weekend.... lil parts i can keep.. other big parts are leavin with the car..

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Okay guys.. So this car is still sittin in my driveway cuz i had to go away to deal with a project. Back now and ready to let this thing go..
I still have everything... sent some prices my way.. i just wanna get this car gone
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