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Parts needed please.urgently

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Can anyone help me with a couple of parts for a 92 import model. I need the big flexible rubber pipe from the airflow meter to the inlet manifold. Secondly there is an ac control box behind the heater/ac panel which I believe is had it cos the heater only blows hot even when turned to the coldest setting.
A replacement electric aerial would be good also but not as urgent.
I would need them posting unless localish to sheffield.
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hi, i might have the ac control box, if i am understanding you right. My hater control switch blew, but i think the AC part was fine, will check it tonight and let you know. I am in huddersfield, localish!
It's an import Clive... it will have Climate Control, and it's different..

Possibly the actuator has gone on the intake ducting under the dash..
Unfortunately, I think this is also different to UK cars..

The rubber elbow is not the same either, not sure on the aerial..

poop, I didnt read it properly, sorry!
Where can I find the ducting actuator?? Thanks
This should help..

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thanks for that. looks like a job for the weekend. most of dash out.
heater a/c

I definately need the switch panel and control panel from an import model. uk spec is completely different. any one help?
Thanks for the diagram .At least I 've now got cool air coming through instead of roasting .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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