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on the way to the track i ran against a lot of cars
TT g35 vs my probegt with 18psi ... he had me in 2nd and half way through 3rd, i pulled him hard in 4th maybe 4 cars or so.

gt30 wrx vs pgt on 13psi
I underestimate the power of this car untill i saw him at the track.its a 12.7 sec car.

1st race. we went from 20mph roll or so, we were even and 3rd i started to pull while spinning then missed 4th,actually went from 3rd to 2nd. but 2nd race a little better, we line up again and the wrx honk 3 times and were off, I had him through 2nd and pull a little more till 5th gear. he was right with me.

YouTube - wrx vs pgt
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