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Would anyone be interested in helping develop a ECU using a Pic 16 bit DSP ? I would make the surface mount PCB with all the required hardware, nicely layed out with all the features needed.
Any Pic programmers out there to help with the software ? I would supply a free board.
The board would have 2 pressure sensors (for before and after TB) for boost control and fuel, dedicated to a 36-1 wheel which would be standardized, a separate Ignition board (to eliminate ground problems) and lots of I/O and a USB port.

Features would be
- cleaner less cluttered code than MS, developed in modules (units)
- dedicated to a standatd 36-1 wheel and pickup (more efficient and faster code that MS which is slowed down by too many options)
- Clean lowpriced ($149) surface mount (smt) preassembled pcb
- Uses Microchip DSP processor
- Better Error memory that stores fault history.
- more.....
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