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Pic request!! 16's on your 6's

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I've been debating on 16's or 17's for my 6 (whenever I get one) and I wanted to see what some of you have. I'd really like to see FD's on an MX6. I've been wondering how that'd look. So, how 'bout it, ladies & gents. Can you help me out?! :D

Thanks, Anthony.
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domino, I'll go ahead and respond for everyone else on the site. I'm pretty sure the majority of people are goinig to say go with the 17's. 16's looks way to small on our car. The appearance with a 17's looks a lot better, especially if you get some thick low profile tires and lower it.

I personally have Konig flatline 17's and it look so much better than the 16's I had on earlier this year.
I hafta agree, I have 17" Motegi MR-7's and they look so sexy. Fills up the wheel well... well. As long as it's lowered . If you aren't lowered, then do that first, wheels on a stock height just look goofy. Plus you have the sexy handling bonus.

18's look REALLY sexy (so long its a wheel that matches, 3 piece wheels look good) but they are like the border of weighing too much. 16's don't look any different from stock really and there is a tiny price difference from 16 to 17, and a lot of companys dont even bother with 16's.

Here's mine with the 17's
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The only reason why I dont like the Motegi MR-7's is that everyone has them. I see why, they are nice rims.

If you go with 16's, get a slight lower profile tire than it calls for. Then slam the sh!t out of your car. Im sure it would look pretty good.
I would go 225/45/16's IF.. and i say IF i went with 16's.. 17 would be 225/40/zr17's. And it would be bbs RK's or RK2's or something along those lines.. that style wheel.. 16 or 17 by 7.5's. I am VERY, VERY picky. I appreciate the pics and the comments. whatever you have to say, say them! I wanna hear it!

Please, keep the pics coming!!! :D Thank you!
When i first bought my six it had the factory 14's. then I thought i'd step up a bit and i put on epic 16's. i wish i had a pic of it. It looked pretty good but like they said 16's are too small for our car. Now i have 18's. I still think it can go bigger. 19's are next for me.
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Yeah I didn't mind getting the mr-7's because they aren't all that common around here actually. You see a lot of Enkie's and such, mainly the CDR9's. Plus I think they match the mx-6 perfectly. These and the Velox vx8's... but they aren't made 5 bolt :( (I REALLY wanted those)
Wheels I'm considering...

What do you guys think?

ps... some of these wheels ONLY come in 17'' diameter. That would make my decision fairly simple. :D
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is your car stock looking or any bodykit or anything? helps decide which wheels. i'm not a fan of that style, always reminds me of oldsmobiles for some reason...

if i had to pick, i'd say the last picture or the porshe wheels. BBS wheels have an odd look to them...
The car I am *attempting* to get .. is a 1994 LS. Black with tan leather. It'll be mostly all stock. Maybe the CS lip and side skirts. I am not a fan of any body kit I have ever seen. Nothing against them.. just not my thing. I'll lower it with Eibachs as well :D I'm a pretty big fan of a car that mostly looks like a sleeper that breathes fire underneath. })

You know, Greg.. until I saw this picture... I thought I had it all planned out. Now that I see FD's on a 6, I just don't know. I fell in love them instantly. :eek:
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Out of those rims Id chose the first 2 and the last 2. The middle ones are Porshe look-a-likes, not that great in my opinion.

Im not really a big fan of BBS, most if not all of there rims are ugly and there WAY too expensive. There great rims and all but rims are rims. The BBS wheels that you posted are actually the best BBS wheels that Ive EVER seen. Im not a big fan of mesh looking wheels either. Too much spokes are too much for me also.
Thats me talkin:shrug:
I appreciate it, bro! :D Guys, lovin the pics! Keep 'em comin!
16" s off a prelude.
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Well I guess I'll post a link to my 16's, I think they are rather pimpin for 200$ with tires.....oh and they're eclipse 16's...
I hope that link works
I have a set of RX7 wheels for sale. They look damn good on an mx6 and not only are they an appearance upgrade they are a performance upgrade as well because they are very light and they are 16x8. They wont kill your acceleration and gas mileage like 17s. MX6 wheels are 15x6 and most aftermarket 17s are 17x7 or 17x7.5. FD wheels are definately best bang for your buck. 350+shipping

Check this out if you havent already, that looks good!
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