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Picture request: ZE throttle body

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I am looking for some close up pictures of a ZE throttle body. Specifically the throttle cable setup. My mechanic took apart my TB for powder coating and I picked it up in pieces. I don't want to pay him to put it back together for me. I know I can check my DE TB but it's not at my house right now.
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Im not going to take mine off but I can take pictures in the morning.
Happen to have one laying around, so here you go.

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Is that a bored TB? It looks similar to my 67mm.

Yours looks like a 65mm. My 67 has more meat removed.



Renboy makes a TIGHT fitting 67mm plate! :tup::tup:

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Thank you, and yours looks prettier too chef.
Thanks man. Powder coating makes it look good and I'm sure it will work great when I get around to installing it. :tup:
Yeap, mine is bored to 65mm.
Yours looks really pretty. Even IAC valve look damn clean. did you powdercoated that too?
Dang.... Looking good. Keep up the good work!
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