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This car is the ONLY 86-87 mazda 626 IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY that has the lights in the grill. the lights came from a good friend in holland! i have two of these grill sets, and no they are not custom made, they were not offered as an option in the US(they are TOO bright haha) these lights are brighter then its brights...two 1000 ft pencil point beams, 85watts.
This car is a base model, here is a small list of factory mods i have done:
-auto-to-manual conversion
-european grill with beamers
-15" turbo wheels
-Digital dash
-LX interior conversion minus door panels
-Full radio with EQ
-low fuel/wash fluid indicators
-Powered sub from 89 626 under drivers and passenger seat
-alloy space savor from rx-7

Oh yeah, this car is FOR SALE OR TRADE!

(picture taken before digital dash)
89,633 miles!
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