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hey... what is up with the pirate flag on the top right hand corner of the site? Also, I've noticed any occurrence of the word "ye5" is changed to "aye."

Am I missing something?



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yes you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre
Ae matey, jus' give in and let'er welcome this all in.

'Won't be painful, I swear it over me scabbard.
Gato Pirata lol
aye matey, ye not knoweth of the scallywag day know also as national talk like a pirate day.
hardy are are arrrrr.
"ayeterday" - harrrrrr
I'm lovin' the One Piece DVD ad at the bottom of the page. :lol:
This thing is messed up i dont really get it but ok lol...
I remember we had it last year, but I dont remember why.. Oh, arr
i wanna know how to change my name... lol
Arrgh.... who'd be responsible for this? Me wooden leg be tingling.....arrrrrrrr!!!
Garghhhh how would ye be getting the picture under me name on the left side of me post arggh, I've looked around but have found no treasured answer? I' have a perfect picture to explain me name, its actually a sticker on the side of my computer case, ie my computers name is bad monkey, so how would one might come across said information?

I like the pirates theme, just a little agrrevating at first but now that I know whats going on its cool, theres some guys at work that scream and howl like wild apes, I work in a big fab steel shop, were all a little strange
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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