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Please Help,,,,,, Car Will Not Start

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ok so i put on a new time belt tensioner the other day and the back cam of course slipped on my. so i put it back to were i thought it was at before. well it started but drove like crap..... go figure.. i got passed by a log truck so i said thats it i need to retime it.. so i pulled off the tensioner (pain in the ass) and set both cams to the marks and set the crank pullie straight up, put everything back together and know it wont start.... any HELP or anybody want to get this going for me THE WIFE IS PISSED I SCREWED HER CAR UP SHE SAYS.... thanks:confused::confused:
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by the way its a 94 mazda mx6. with the v6 in her automatic
I would double check the cam gear and crank gear timing marks once again... just make sure it's dead on.

I made a post long ago with some pics that may be of use, this is how it should look, nevermind the issue that I had with car.

If that is all you changed, then double check the camshaft timing, and make sure your distributor is not 180 degrees out of phase.
and make sure your distributor is not 180 degrees out of phase.
Also a good point...
everything looks good and it wants to start.... how do you do the pin thing to adjust the dizzy
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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