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Hey guys! Can anybody diagnose this problem?

I drove my car to school this morning (1 km) and then home again (1 km) and then back to school again (1 km). Then, on my way home from school, I decided to just take it for a little ride (just because I love my car and it is fun to drive:)). Anyways, I was just happily driving along until I came to a dead-end turn, and I applied my brakes and made the turn; however, after the turn was made, my car just quit. I started it up again and started to drive straight home, and then after I stopped for the first stop sign, it died again! After doing this a few more times (with the car getting harder and harder to turn over again after each stall), I made it home.

I have heard about the distributer problem, and I got my high school auto teacher to look at it (a reputable mechanic). He said that there was lots of spark coming from the plugs, so he didn't think that it was a distributer problem. He thinks that I am actually having a problem with my fuel pump (because my car will still start and sputter a bit and then stop).

Does anybody have any alternate suggestions? My car is going into the high school shop tomorrow. Thanks a lot!

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