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Plug and Play MSnS harness for 1GenB's

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When I wired up my MS, i decided to make an "adapter harness" to go from the MS box to a male ECU socket that the stock harness could plug into. Because the 88-89 wiring is different from the 90-91's i figured i'd make a write up...

The first step is to find the right male ecu harness plug from an ecu in the junk yard. I would take your stock ecu with you to compare to, b/c i think i went back twice before i had the correct plug. I know it has to be a 1GenB and i think it has to be mtx (if that's what you have), but it doesn't matter DX, LX, or GT.

After you have the right ecu, and rip the plug out it is pretty much strait forward. Solder the wires (i used ones about 12in in length) from the DB37 connector to the ecu plug pins.

here is a table in word that tells you what DB37 pins are connected to what ecu pin...
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Is this an adaptation of Pazzer's files?
I never actually looked at those except to get a base map. Is there a pinout there too?
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