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hi ppl, this is a possible sale, cause i love the car and don't really want to lose it. so if anyone is interested let me no and we can organise everything.

i have just spent a lot of money getting this car back into ship shape, so this is what it has.

reco gearbox 6 months warr,
exhaust cat back,
strut braces,
momo steering wheel and gear knob,
custom ceramic button clutch,
full alarm system,
sunroof(not sure if this was a standard item in all Mx6's)
rear wing,
front mount intercooler,
battery moved to boot,
greedy turbo timer,
blitz blowoff,
pod filter,

there are probably a few more things but can't remember,
the car is straight with nice red paint work, there are a couple a little scuff marks on the bumper, the car runs smooth wether it is really hot or not, fires quickly, and idles well.

the reason for the possible sale is the dizzy has bitten the dust, and after putting 5k into the car less then a month ago i am obvously miffed, so if there are any ppl out there interested give us a yell and i can supply further details.

on the other hand if anyone has a complete dizzy assembly lying around and wants to offhand it to me then i will very gratefull and will obviously pay you well.

have a good day ppl and pm me or call on
0401 050 827

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