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the other day while stopped at a toll booth my car started smoking a lot from under the hood....when i pulled over and got out it smelled like oil...i checked the oil levels and it was fine, then i checked the transmission oil and it was low..the smoke was coming from the transmission hole for the oil to go i placed some trans oil in the car and the smoking stopped...what could this mean?
any help is well appreciated..thanks:)

I had my used V6/2.5 auto for one month when the gears began slipping. Tried topping up the fluid but too late!! GBP 1,300 (USD 1,800) later I have my old unit reconditioned - ouch!!

Hope you've caught yours in time but you could look at :

under "ATX Oil" for some useful info. May also be useful for other auto owners to look because Mazda (as far as I know) don't ever change the ATX oil.
Good luck.
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