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Post In The Correct Forum!

Please folks, make an effort to ensure you're posting your thread in the correct forum. If you're unsure where to post, use the following as a general guide:

2nd Generation (93-97)
  • general repair issues (suspension, engine, body etc)
  • maintenance issues (filters, schedules, belts etc)
  • general MX6/Probe non-performance related questions/threads
  • Do NOT post performance or appearance mod threads in this forum.
2G Other Performance Mods
  • modifications that enhance (or are intended to enhance) engine power, vehicle handling, braking excluding turbos, superchargers and nitrous
  • general MX6/Probe performance related questions/threads
  • Do NOT post repair, maintenance, "What's that noise?", appearance and other like threads in this forum.
2G Forced Induction
  • only modifications or threads that deal with enhancing engine power using forced induction (turbos, superchargers and nitrous)
2G Appearance Mods
  • modifications or threads about affecting the look of the car, from clear tails to J-spec headlights to body kits and so on
Of course, this also applies to the 1G forums as well as Lounge and all other forums here.

Please think about where you are posting before hitting "Submit New Thread". Posting in the correct forum will help keep clear and concise, will help reduce the workload on the moderators, will help you get an answer sooner and will help reduce the frustration many members feel at seeing posts in the wrong forums.

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