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Here they are guys, just print out the page.

Chris Jenkins
Mazda MX-6
Instructions for Gauge cover installs:

First, you might want to start your six and take note as to where the needles are pointing. (This posses a problem if you don’t put them in the right place later)

Next you will need a regular and small size Philips screwdriver.

Next, unscrew the three screws under the roof of the gauge console.(Keep all your screws separated because there are a few different sizes)

Next you will need to take off the dash cover, it just pops right off.(You might have to play with the shift column piece a little to get it to pop off)

Next, reach behind the dash piece and disconnect each wiring harness.(Don’t take out the whole button. Just disconnect the connector)

Then lay the dash piece aside.

Next, unscrew the four screws at the top and bottom of the gauge console.

Now don’t just jerk out the console. There are a few computer connectors back there. You can probably disconnect them if you want, then you can take the consol inside and work on it but, I left it connected so there was no possible damage.

Next there are a few tabs you push in on the top and bottom to remove the clear cover off the console. (I would suggest using a small flat head screwdriver to assist with this)

Next you will need to pull off each needle. They are a little tuff, but keep pulling gently with some force. (Take note of the size of the needles and where each one goes)

Next, unscrew the small screws that keep the gauges down. (Don’t strip the heads of these screws, make sure and use the right size screwdriver)

Next you can go scan your gauges and customize them.


If you already have the gauges just take the scanned gauges and place it over the original gauges. Take the screws for that gauge and push them through the holes. Then carefully align the screw end into their holes.

After screwing down the gauges you will probably want to start you six again and carefully place the needles back on to their original location. Then turn your six off and on to make sure everything glides okay.

Now just start putting the pieces back together and there are you go!

Let me know if yall have any questions.

Later dudes,

Chris Jenkins

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