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I'm contemplating a new build up, but I'm not sure where to lead with it all. I've been out of the audio game for years and try to keep myself up to date as much as possible, but it's not easy.

My last venture into my local audio shop lead me in the direction of Kaption audio, which I know is good stuff, but there is one issue and that's speaker size. The magnets on the speakers are far too large for what I'm looking for and I'm avoiding modifying the car as much as possible.

Now for those wondering, this is for my 2003 Civic SiR (Si).

In a way, I want to lean back towards MB Quart, but finding distributors now is like finding a needle in a haystack. Their small magnet sizes make them ideal for Honda applications, but again, finding them is another story.

My current thought is to go with Image Dynamics CTX series components in the front and CTX coaxial in the rear, but here comes another question, are they as good as they once were? Image used to be an industry leader, but they have been bought up and rebuilt, so I'm wondering if they have lost or gained in quality. I love smooth sound, not harsh and this is exactly what this company used to stand for. Anyone that can shed some light on this, I'd be more than happy to listen in.

So with speakers on the table, my next thought is amps, which will either be the MTX Thunder Series for their robust build structure and inexpensive cost or I will borrow the amps from my MX6 which are older Memphis Studio Series. Either way, that is pretty much covered.

Woofer will almost definitely be an Image Dynamics IDQ 12" which will be mounted similar to a previous (unfinished) setup of mine:

*Sorry, Cardomain sucks.

The point of using low depth woofers, speakers, and amps will be so that I can maximize trunk space and not have to loose the spare tire, which will be incorporated into this build.

So keeping that in mind, does anyone have any opinions or thoughts to share on this? Even places to shop (online) for products would be helpful!
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