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I have a 1994 Mx-6 with the two leter four cylinger and was wondering how to get more power out of it. I have a Ractive intake on it right now and am putting new plugs and wires on it next week but am not sure where to go from here. Some people are telling me to put a new ignition in first and others are telling me that i need a fuel pressure regulator. Any suggestions that you might have would be a big help.

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Why not put the basic bolt on's.
Exhaust, Intake(CAI), header, HFC( high flow cat.), throttle body( bore it to what ever size that most 4cyl guys do it to), the spacers for the intake manifold( i think they make them)
if you want the most out of the car do those first and do all of them. that will yeild the greatest HP gain. You have to get air in and out to make power.
do you have a auto or 5spd, if auto think about making it a 5spd.

i would try to search for the topics you wish to find out about on here and read up on it. I have seen alot of stuff about the 2.0L on here. talk to them on AOL. good luck later
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