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power supply?

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Gauge power supply?

heres the deal, I installed indiglow gauges in my car and used the i thing orange wire off the dimmer as power, and i just got a piller with 2 guages in it and i have to run a power source for them. mostlikly it would be too much of a draw to splice it into the dimmer right? any suggestions were a better place would be? thanks all
I also wanted to know if anyone knows exactly what color wire you splice into for the A/F meter on a 94 I-4? also where would be the best place to place a volt meter?
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You should not run it off the dimmer wire, but if you used a relay and either took power from your fuse box or your battery it would be fine. That way the dimmer wire can be used as a trigger. what did you mean by A/F meter?
what wire should i splice into for the a/f meter, theres some conflicting threds about which one, on the ecu. or should i just run it off the o2 sensor on the header? for what i know its green with a black stripe can anyone agree?
i just looked at the haynes manual, and there is 4 wires that come off the O2 sensor: yellow,yellow/blue,black/red,blue and only one returns from the sensor to the ecu, and that one is Yellow. someone please help shead some light on this?

Not to sound stupid but i don't know how to make a relay, does anyone know where i can fund out how to, once i have instructions i can do it, im not as dumb as i look
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