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JDean55 said:
Try the obvious. Get a stronger fuse. It may make the windows go up/down a little slower but at least they'll work! Also, check to make sure the relay is proper! Later,
No, never do this!

The fuse is blowing because some part of the circuit is drawing too much current. Current equals heat and, if the circuit isn't protected properly (i.e. fused properly), the wiring or defective part (e.g. motor) may heat up dangerously, leading to a car-destroying fire.

deejay, can you be more specific: You say "If I replace the fuse, it'll end up blown up like the one I just removed. Even if I don't have power on!" What do you mean by this? Are you saying that, even with the key out of the ignition, the power window fuse is blowing?

Or is it blowing as soon as you try to use one of the switches, with the ignition on? If so, is it the driver's switch or the passenger-side switch? Or both?

Do the window(s) move at all? Do they move smoothly or do they bind at all? Have you noticed the windows getting slower or making noise as they move up & down?
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